Volpi: The Future of Latin American Fiction

Three Percent, a website based out of the University of Rochester dedicated to the dissemination of translation, recently posted a speech from Mexican author Jorge Volpi on the state of Latin American literature. The speech was broken down into five parts and serialized over the course of a week. Volpi addresses the works of some of the sacred cows of the Latin American tradition (Gabriel García Márquez, Juan Rulfo, Jorge Luis Borges), highlights some of the up-and-coming stars of contemporary fiction (Roberto Bolaño, Santiago Roncagliolo, Edmundo Paz-Soldán), and looks to some who are not as well known but hopefully will be in the near future (Yuri Herrera, Élmer Mendoza, Martín Solares).

As a side note, Volpi’s comments on 2666 echo Sarah Pollack’s outstanding article in the most recent edition of Comparative Literature (Summer 2009).To date, this is the best article that has been written on Bolaño’s reception in the United States.

Here are the links to Three Percent. Many thanks to them for their work! Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V


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